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Transit Communications Offshore Oil & Gas Rig Moves

Offshore rigs transit voyages between Oil &Gas World regions

Sea Transit

Transit Communication Solution

  • Offers Global C band broadband full managed services
  • All plans include:

    • Automatic Beam Switching (ABS)
    • Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)
    • Committed Information Rate (CIR)
    • Out of Band Management (OBM)
  • Equipment:

    • Stabilized antennas C-Bird
    • Modems iDirect

Red C

Global Coverage

Red C

Global CIR and why is so important?

  • Committed Information Rate (CIR) is guaranteed bandwidth that is not shared by other clients on the network. It guarantees communications when the network is heavily loaded

How much CIR do the RedCGlobal plans have?

  • They include 64 Kbps, 128 Kbps, 256 Kbps CIR options

Global C

Global ABS and Why is so important?

Red C

Global Plan Specifications

  • New Installations or Conversions with C-BirdTMantenna
  • Coverage Area includes Americas, Australia, Asia, POR, Caribbean, AOR, Europe, Mediterranean, East and West Coast Africa
  • Multiple Satellites in most areas provides layered coverage for redundancy and ABS solutions
  • Three options with Committed Information Rate

    • 64 Kbps CIR
    • 128 Kbps CIR
    • 256 Kbps CIR

Red C

Global Service Flexibility

  • Premium VSAT service within your budget during transit
  • Antenna kit ready for crew assembly in port, no crane required. Lighter weight for easy rig prep.
  • Exceptional C band global coverage
  • Unlimited Data, Internet , Enterprise Quality Voice, and Television (Q4 2013)
  • Operating contract during transit, and once at operation site it could continue as back up to Ku band alternatives, or separate crew calling system, or TV entertaining / training at site service.
Global Value Added Services
  • In-cabin crew calling and internet
  • No inventory of crew calling cards
  • Real time/online accounting of crew calling
  • Real time/online accounting of crew calling
    • –(Available Q4 2013)
  • Telemedicine *
    • –(Quoted separately with CIR 128 Kbps or 256 Kbps options)
  • Roaming & WiFi OnMarine*

Services not included in table rates to be quoted separately

OnMarine Services

Roaming On Marine enables users on offshore installations to use their mobile phones in the same way they do on land

  • Costs are in line with international roaming rates as appear on individual monthly mobile phone bills
  • Roaming OnMarinesupplies the roaming infrastructure which allows people to use their mobile phones, smartphonesand tablets in the same way as international roaming
  • Bandwidth required min. 32 Kbps up to 256 Kbps depending on simultaneous number of calls

WiFi On Marine enables users to connect to the Internet from laptops, tablets and smartphonesover WiFi by simply launching their browser as they would in any hotspot

  • WiFi On Marine homepage then guides them through the process
  • Homepage customized in several languages
  • Major credit cards are acceptedOnMarineServices

How Roaming On Marine Works

  1. Mobile phones or smartphoneson-board are used as they do on land
  2. Miniature cell base station picks up the signal
  3. Signal is processed by the on-board GSM server
  4. Signal is transmitted via RedCsatellite link
  5. Ground GSM infrastructure process signal and directs traffic to called party,
  6. The reverse path from land to vessel is the same vice versa

Red C Global Hardware

Red C Global C-Bird ® 2.4 m Antenna

  • Non critically balanced stabilized antenna
  • 2.4 mtsdish, Intelsat certified
  • Extended C band coverage with Circular polarization
  • All motors, connectors and all electronics have environmental protection (IP65)
  • Specially coated to resist rust and chipping
  • Automatically locks in wind over 85 knots
  • Strong performance/reliability in deep ocean

Sea Transit Global C-bird ® Installation

  • Antenna kit assembled by crew in few hours
  • No shore crane or special tools required
  • All indoor and outdoor cabling included
  • Voice Gateway, telephone handsets provides
  • System commisionedwith one key stroke
  • Automatically locks in wind over 85
  • Small indoor footprint equipment with cabinet prewired

Sea Transit Summary

  • Robust Global ABS & Professional CIR plans for the Oil & Gas Transits
  • Easy installation on dock or on transit which could be performed by crew
  • Layered overlapping satellite coverage for reliability and redundancy
  • Plans choice with great flexibility for main or complementary services, on transit of final destination
  • Crew Welfare, Morale & Retention improvement
  • Competitively priced TDMA solution designed for crews for rig moves or transits
  • One SIMPLE Global Price
  • One STOP Shopping for all your transit and after relocation needs
  • One NUMBER to call for technical support

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