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Plan Specifications
  • New installations or Conversions with most existing SeaTel or Intellian antennas. Services requires 8 watt BUC and Quad band LNBs.
  • Coverage Area includes Americas, Australia, Asia, POR, Caribbean, AOR, Europe, Mediterranean, East and West Coast Africa
  • Multiple Satellites in most areas provides layered coverage for redundancy and ABS solutions
  • Two options for Professional Services Contention Ratios
    • 10:1 for Regular internet or VoIP
    • 4:1 for Critical Applications or video.
Plan Specifications
  • New Installations or Conversions with most existing SeaTel or Intellian antennas. Services requires 8 watt BUC and Quad band LNBs
  • Coverage Area includes North, Central, South America and Caribbean
  • Best Satellite Coverage for Americas: Satmex 8
  • Two options for Professional Services Contention Ratios
    • 10:1 for Regular Internet or VoIP
    • 5:1 for Critical Applications or Video

SeaKU Global & Americas
Service Flexibility
  • Ability to move up or down in speeds as communications needs change
  • Ability to move up or down in contention ratios as communications needs change.
  • Each plan includes CIR however the customer has the ability to add, then remove additional CIR as required in 64 Kbps granularity increments
  • All changes in one month increments
  • Up to 3 months continuous Cold Stack per year at no cost
  • 12 months minimum contract


Global & Americas Hardware

Outdoor Unit

  • Intellian v100GX Ku band system with compatibility with Inmarsat GX Ka band services when available
    • Stabilized 105 cms Supplied with one 8W Codan BUC two quad-band LNBs and below deck a DAC rack mount control unit.

Indoor Unit

  • iDirect X5 Evolution Satellite Modem
  • Uplogix 500 Remote Management Unit
    • This device performs all ABS functions and provides the OBM maintenance capability. The SeaKu control center has access to this device and can troubleshoot all attached equipment.
  • D-Link DGS-1210-10P
    • WAN port of the ethernet switch is connected to the satellite modem, and the ship’s network connects to this device. The routing device also plugs into this switch for VoIP use.
  • RedPort Equipment for Data & Voice Channels Routing
    • This device performs all Least Cost Routing, Voice and Data Optimization & Compression functions and provides the OBM maintenance capability. Also VoIP A-Z rates for prepaid and post paid rates and Failover capabilities to other sources of Broadband satellite services Inmarsat FleetBroadband or Iridium Open Port
  • Tripplite 1500 Smart Pro UPS
    • Provides backup power to the antenna and all other SeaKu equipment in case of a shipboard power failure or transitional outage.
  • Pre-wired Rack mount

Sea KU

Global CIR and why is so important.

How much CIR do the SeaKu Global plans have?


Global ABS and why is so important?

Sea Ku

Global Coverage

Sea Ku

Americas Coverage

sea ku americas coverage


Coverage Satellites
  • Satmex 8 @ 117 degrees west longitude
  • T-11N US Beam @ 37.5 degrees west longitude
  • T-14R US Beam @ 63 degrees west longitude
  • Amazonas 2 North American Beam @ 61 degrees west longitude
  • Galaxy 28 Conus Beam @ 89 degrees west longitude
Atlantic Ocean Area
  • T-11N AOR Beam @ 37.5 degrees west longitude
  • T-14R NAOR Beam @ 63 degrees west longitude

Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa
  • T-11N Euro Beam @ 37.5 degrees west longitude
  • 14R @ 63 degrees west longitude
  • T-11N Sub-Sarahan Beam @ 37.5 degrees west longitude
  • Eutelsat 21A @ 21.5 degrees east longitude
  • Eutelsat 36B @ 36 degrees east longitude
  • Intelsat 10-02 @ 15 degrees west
Pacific Ocean Area
  • GE23 all beams @ 172 degrees east longitude
  • NSS-12 South Asia Beam @ 57 degrees east longitude


Sea Browser features

  • Web browsing inseveral modes reducing Internet consumption with Smart Compression & Data Optimization technologies
  • Optional browsing with images as:
    • Original (large images)
    • Medium images
    • Small images
  • Works eitherfor Crew Welfare orOperationsoptimization communications inside the Rigs orVessels
  • Voice Callsvia VoIP with prepaid/postpaid payments
  • Chats and SMS Textssupported
  • Emails with or without attachments
  • Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Unified Address BookOn board
  • Dedicated tunnelsfor Apps like Skype, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Enable Seafarers to select Internet voice and SMS Satellite Services at a level and price point to suit theirneeds

Sea Browser Advantages

Sea browser advantages

  • Customized compression levels so users can control data cost
  • Unified Data & Voice Prepaid of Postpaid System
  • PriceMe™– Know the web page or email price in advance
  • Micro-Payments (Pay-Per-Use Model)
  • Simple so it is good for visitors or temporal workers as well
  • Full control over pricing and data usage for any single online service (both for users and IT managers
  • Unique pricing engine – enables customers to have full control over their budget
  • Savings up to 97% browsing webpages
  • Detailed usage reports
  • Switchable Browser for Mobile/Desktop
  • Transparent to any other Operational or Business Services on boar
  • Improves the crew’s quality of life maximizing airtime usage-all keeping IT costs down

“Seafarers not only want internet access, they demand it!”

Source: Crewtoo Seafarers Happiness index study. April 2015

Offshore Global VSAT Entertainment Service


  • Bandwidth Allocation – set max Kbps download capacity to be used at any given time
  • Provides entertainment when Satellite DTH services are not available or for international crews acceptance
  • Entertainment diversity in a box (only a TV set is needed)
  • Time setting to update contents using only off-peak data traffic hours
  • Low Priority IPTV stream setting not compromising your critical data

Optional Contents

  • Premier Movies – “Pay as you store” or 10 movies subscription per month
  • Movie Classics – 60 movies start up library
  • News – Tailored news to countries
  • Sports – Daily World Sports review/summary
  • Podcast – Subscription to favorite Radio & TV podcasts
  • Remote TV – Local TV anywhere tailored to countries

How much Bandwidth do you need for Value Added Services?

  • Voice (i.e. Skype vs our VoIP)
    • Open and Idle = 5 to 10 Kbps (with our VoIP services max = 1 Kbps)
    • Calling = 32 Kbps both directions minimum, 48 Kbps standard, 64 Kbps recommended (with our VoIP services max = 6 Kbps both directions)
  • Video Calling
    • Video Calling = 128 kbps both directions minimum, 300 Kbps recommended
    • Video Calling High Quality = 400 kbps both directions, 500 Kbps recommended
    • Video Calling HD = 1.2 Mbps minimum, 1.5 Mbps recommended
  • Video (i.e, Netflix)
    • 900 Kbps minimum for standard resolution
    • 4 to 6 Mbps for HD
  • IP Tunneling (i.e. VPN Real Time data applications)
    • CIR required, application dependant
  • IP Video Streaming (i.e. Addressable Surveillance Cameras)
    • CIR required, Frame Per Seconds (FPS) and Video Quality dependant.

Our Solution 3G / 4G @Sea

  • A low-cost, self-contained, private GSM network
  • Minimal VSAT bandwidth requirements
  • Turnkey solution – design, HW, service, support
  • International roaming and prepaid service co-exist
  • Automatic GPS control to comply with land-offshore international regulations
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Compact format simplifies installation
Turn-key Equipment & 3G / 4G Service
  • Hardware and software custom designed for high-latency/high cost VSAT IP backhaul links at sea
  • Bandwidth-efficient -- voice calls use 9 Kbps including IP overhead
  • Flexible and scalable solution:
    • 2 to 48+ simultaneous call capacity, based on client input
    • Single “hotspot” to full vessel or rig GSM coverage

3G / 4G Offshore Service Carrier Class Extension

  • Ability to place calls to and receive calls from any fixed or cellular phone in the world
  • Inbound/Outbound SMS text messages anywhere
  • GSM, GPRS/EDGE, 1XRTT, 4G/LTE and EVDO services for mobile phones or tablets
  • Wi-Fi internet

Post paid services
  • International waters or in some cases beyond 2 nautical miles from shore.
  • Use your regular activated cellular phone (GSM & CDMA agreements with more than 500 carriers)
  • Call charge rates will be invoiced to you directly on your normal bill through your home carrier (roaming charges applies)
  • Good for Visitors or Temporal Workers at Rigs
Pre paid services
  • Unlocked GSM phone
  • Dedicated Phone Number at sea for sending & receiving calls and SMS
  • Pay using SIM cards provided by us
  • Cost for the calling party is extremely low (local phone call).
  • Good for Regular Workers at Rigs

3G / 4G Offshore Phones
Dual GSM or Intrinsically safe phones.

Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phones

  • For Hazardous Areas designed for use in extreme conditions
  • Complies with Zone1/Div1 and Zone2/Div2 standards
  • Worldwide Certifications
  • Any GSM or CDMA band

Dual GSM Phone

  • For Prepaid & Post Paid services using different SIM cards in the same phone
  • Good to be provided at Unrestricted Areas like Flotels or Rest Areas without bringing your phone at departure ports, only your own Business SIM card for local carriers usage (roaming charges could apply) or corporate PBX network
  • Use Prepaid SIM Card for Personal calls

Red Ku Global & Americas Summary

  • Robust Global ABS & Professional CIR plans for the Oil & Gas Rigs
  • Layered overlapping satellite coverage for reliability and redundancy
  • Large plans choice with great flexibility about rates & changes including VoIP compressed High Quality services
  • Competitively priced TDMA solution with Satellite Equipment leaders
  • One SIMPLE Global Price
  • One STOP Shopping for all your Offshore Communications requirements World wide including trans-ocean trips
  • One NUMBER to call for technical support

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