Proffesional Grade Satellite Solutions

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Cruise Ka

Cruise Satellite Communication Solution:

  • the Cruise KA full managed services offer Cruise lines high throughput capacity ver premium Cruise Markest regions:
  • Caribbean
  • Mediterranean
  • USA Atlantic Coast
  • North Pacific (Hawaii)
  • South Pacific
  • Both plans include:
  • Private pool of bandwidth per fleet & per region.
  • Transfer of bandwidth according with cruise┬┤s seasons
  • Least costo routing to terrestrial wireless services when ship arrives at port of calls.

Cruise KA Service Plan

  • Flexible broadband internet with troughtputs form 10 up to 300 Mbps downstream two options:
    • Dedicated per ship downstream
    • Dedicated per fleet downstream
  • All upstream are dedicated from 2 up to 150 Mbps.
  • Coverage over western, eastern & southern Caribbean.
  • Terrestrial wireless services over more than 40 ports of calls in the Caribbean when cruise ship arrives at those ports to match capacity in the satellite.

Cruise Ka Software

  • 1.2 m y 2.2 m Ka stabilized terminals
  • Size Data Rates
    1.2 m 5 - 100 Mbps
    2.2 m 100 - 300 Mbps
  • Dual tracking antennas provide seamless handover at end of pass and in case of blockage.
  • 3rd. hot-standby spare antenna and spare modem for redundancy.

On Marine Optional Services


  • Mobile On Marine enables users on offshore installations to use their mobile phones in the same way they do on land.

    • Costs are in line with international roaming rates as appear on individual monthly mobile phone bills.
    • Mobile On Marine supplies the roaming infrastructure which allows people to use their mobile phones, smartphonesand tablets in the same way as international roaming.
    • Bandwidth required min. 256 Kbps up to several Mbps depending on simultaneous number of calls.

  • Internet On Marine enables users to connect to the Internet from laptops, tablets and smartphones over WiFi by simply launching their browser as they would in any hotspot

    • Internet On Marine homepage then guides them through the process.
    • Homepage customized in several languages
    • Major credit cards are accepted

Cruise KA Hybrid Solution

Caribbean Region

Two networks
per fleet

Cruise KA Hybrid Solutions

North Caribbean Ports of Call Coverage

Cruise KA Hybrid Solutions

East Caribbean Ports of Call Coverage.

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